Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can't Attend Financial Peace University- Now What?

Well, it turns out that attending Financial Peace University this fall won't work out. The classes are going to be on Monday nights. Between soccer practice that night and my husband's crazy work schedule we'd end up missing too many classes.

This morning I've been researching my options.

Personally, I think we are on the right track even though we haven't attended FPU. We've read Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover, created a budget, actually lived by the budget and paid off $18,000+ in 4 1/2 months.

As we go through the steps though we want to make sure we are doing the best job we can. This will become even more important as we start investing money. Research, reading and educating ourselves is what is going to help us achieve our goals.

We don't want to ONLY study Dave Ramsey's book, there are many trustworthy and well-educated financial experts out there that will be able to help us to to our goal. I don't think it's an absolute necessary to attend this class to get out of debt, but I think it's an excellent tool and I'd still like to attend.

So what are our options?

A.Attend FPU in another location at a better time

B.Attend FPU online

C.Skip FPU altogether and use the money on dinner and a movie

D. Skip FPU and put the money towards debt

Option C would be fun, but I think I'm leaning towards Option B. Taking Financial Peace University online would give us the flexibility to "attend" class anytime we want.

Have you taken FPU online?

For those that have gotten out of debt or are currently getting out of debt what books and resources did you use to learn how to do it?


Donna said...

I too wanted to take FPU but my husband did not want to fork out the money for the class. He has promised to read the book--which I have already done. I am sure it would have been an excellent motivator. I hate to say it but we are still struggling with step 1--but having begun step 1 has already been a benefit, we have had a few murphys come our way. Lucky for us most our debt is medical and not consumer so there is no interest but it still hangs over us and I can wait for it to be gone! I love reading blogs of people stiving the dave ramsey way! So I will be checking in on yours from time to time! Good luck!

Beansprout said...

Have you looked to see if any local churches are doing a FPU course? That could be a plausible alternative. Right now at my church my husband and several others are gearing up to lead some small groups to go through it. I also know that right now on the Dave Ramsey site, they have the entire set of books, cd's and a bunch of extras on sale. It's still really expensive, but might be worth the cost especially if you already had the $ set aside. Then nights are fun! =)